Our Courses

Level - 2

Advanced English Course

Advanced English Course develops the Student to have a complete knowledge in Grammar with relevance to writing letters. It also enables him/her to speak fluently read efficiently and listen attentively.


  • Creation of 4000 sentences with be verbs, action verbs, modal verbs, active and passive voice, direct and indirect speeches, degrees of comparison, infinitive, gerunds, compound words, prefixes, suffixes, Homophones etc.,
  • Developing Self-motivation and concentration
  • Telephonic conversational Etiquettes
  • Letter-writing, Descriptive, narrative, Imaginative,, Critical, Report - writing with stress on proof reading also.
  • American and British Accents with practice in the class-room.
  • Emotional and Spiritual Empowerment with hints on personality traits - Political, Social, Spiritual, Sports and Related fields of excellence - with importance on emotional intelligence as well as hands on worksheets also.
  • Career plateauing (Goal Setting) and stress management with worksheets for updating of one's on abilities.
  • Internet, E-mail, Browsing with worksheets and Alphabetical order of abbreviations used in E-mails.
  • Duration: 1 Month
  • Course Fee: Rs. 4000/-.

Level - 3

Queen's Modern English

This course is meant for the people who aspire to become leaders in their respective field of work as well as those who want to become performing managers.


  • Development of positive thinking.
  • A Graded Approach to English Grammar - to tone up L/S/R/W Skills.
  • Training in usage of English in job, business, and public administration activities as well as in becoming a vibrant conversationalist - Role play and mock sessions of interview and group discussion skills.
  • Time Management, stress Management, communication in marketing skills.
  • Extempore speeches - Jam sessions with relevance to toning up concentration and Lateral thinking.
  • American and British Accent - to meet the stress and strain of the IT Industry candidates.
  • Table manners, body language as well as sharp memory improvement Exercises.
  • Counseling skills and problem solving strategies taught for improving the Leadership Qualities.
  • E-mail, Internet and browsing tips.
  • Duration: 1 Month
  • Course Fee: Rs. 5000/-.