Our Courses

Level - 9

Corporate Training


  • An experienced and well tried out methodology is adopted to train corporate in thinking , feeling and acting.
  • Corporate Training Chennai goes to impart all facets of the concept with hands on details, enough exposure is given for handling situations, strategies are given to candidates for bettering their cognitive abilities, plan of action and orientation to the job on hand is given.
  • Excellent training for visual, vocal as well as practical areas of corporate philosophies are taught.
  • The need of the hour is to make managers as efficient as any boss only to achieve success. So, to bring this into force a comprehensive ideology with reference to various stal-warts are highlighted.
  • Seminars and paper submission are encouraged to improve scholastic abilities.
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Course Fee: Rs. 10,000/-(Inclusive of Book and CD)

Level - 10

Soft Skills Training


  • This much sought after skill training is provided with ample stress on all the tenets of the language.
  • Stress on listening/reading/writing/speaking is provided with a detailed outlook to add more understanding.
  • Seminars/interview tips/group discussions/extempore speeches/jam sessions/presentation of papers, verbal jargons about advertisements and their relevance in soft skills are provided.
  • All the four shades of communication skills are given a thorough and in-depth idea with a number of hands on experiences to evaluate themselves.
  • A Final round up of all the levels is given shape for fluency, veracity as well as proficiency.
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Course Fee: Rs. 10,000/-(Inclusive of Book and CD)