Our Students

S.Kousalya. Director Saras Kumar & Associates, Chatered Accountant,C.A. Student.

ACE American Spoken English is just Excellent. I have got 8.5 as my band score in IELTS and got admission in London Business School and am greatful to Mr. Rajamanickam my IELTS Coacher.

M.D. Junaid Call Centre Executive

After completion of TOEFL and Personality Development Course in ACE American Spoken English, I was able to see the development in my Inter Personal and Intra Personal skills. Now I am an Executive in a Call Centre company.

Kanooz Ahemdz Call Centre Executive

Thanks to ACE American Spoken English, three months course had helped me to get a Job in a Call Centre (Voice Based) now I am getting a five digit salary because of my American English.

Munavar Bhasha. M Call Centre Executive

I salute ACE American Spoken English, I have not only learnt IELTS but also Developed Group Discussion, Extempore, Accent Oriented Speech, Humour and all the necessary skills, now what I am is all because of ACE American Spoken English.

Gracy S. I.C.I.C.I Bank Staff

Before joining ACE American Spoken English I had a stage fear, Hesitation and shyness but now I am able to speak in English for a longer duration, sell my Ideas, my colleagues look me as leader.

Y.P.Raja P.H.D.

In ChemistryAfter attending ACE American Spoken English classes I have got a Multi National Outlook everything. I could find a lot of Improvement in my Inter Personal and Intra Personal skills.

S.Padmapriya Sales Co-Ordinator Ricoh India Ltd.

ACE American Spoken English has made me what I am today. My view, outlook, perceptions everything has changed. Stage Speaking, Accent Oriented, Personality Development and Memory Power Classes has brought in me a lot of changes.