Our Courses

Level - 4

Call Center Training or American Accent Training


  • Basic Idea about Words - Syllabifications
  • Stress - Pause - intonation - Accent to lay stress on the sounds and rhythms in American English.
  • Targeting pronunciation in American and British Accent to converse with fluency.
  • Group-discussions, Stress Interview Topics, Extempore speeches with Emphasis on VISA Interviews.
  • Computer aided telephonic conversations, detailing of current affairs with presentation - in the form of News Reading perspective.
  • Usage of American Conversational English with Slangs, Idioms and Cliches for competency.
  • Internet, E-mail and Browsing with hands on Exercises for self-improvement.
  • Duration: 1 Month
  • Course Fee: Rs. 8000/-.

Level - 5

Personality Development

This course is a comprehensive attempt in making a personality become dynamic, authoritative as well as meaningful participants in the evolution of any organization

Words and their ways: With reference to 160/180 situations.


  • Stage speaking dynamism, tenets of body language to be observed in communication, American and British Accents and their glories.
  • Group-discussion, Interview skills, extempore speaking of stories, experiences as well as abilities to start - continue and end up stories with moral ethical, Spiritual, romantic and imaginative strides.
  • Positive thinking/lateral thinking/computational abilities/visual specializations/reading speed/logical reasoning with work sheets to tone up presence of mind and time management skills.
  • Personality Developing assertive skills with work sheets for better understanding.
  • Stress and Emotional Intelligence with work sheets.
  • Time and its management techniques with work sheets.
  • Developing intra and inter personal skills with worksheets for excellence.
  • An exhaustive approach on the teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam to love all - serve all and realize the one in all.
  • Working knowledge of Internet, E-mail and Browsing.
  • Duration: 1 Month
  • Course Fee: Rs. 8000/-.